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  • The website is user friendly and it presents many opportunities for job seekers!

    sihle, Maintenance Manager
  • The service that is rendered by Get Mining Jobs is much appreciated.

    Viril Tommy De Kock, Quality Laboratory Manager
  • Your site is fantastic for someone who is looking for a job anywhere!

    Christopher Oleksa, Mechanic
  • The range of positions and variety of locations and coverage is very good.

    Laurence James McMahon, Mining Processing Consultant
  • Get Mining Jobs is one of the best websites I have ever used. Previously I was using several others, but since I joined here, there is no looking back. What I like is the easy access to the site, the weekly updates, and the additional information that I receive. I have advised my friends who are looking for work to sign up here as well.

    Mukwevho Livhuwani, Water Quality Researcher
  • I really appreciate the way this site works - it's great! Thanks very much.

    Etou, Welder
  • What I have enjoyed most about this site is it is condensed & only shows job openings in the mining/construction fields unlike other sites that include management jobs in all kind of fields like Insurance & Health Care.

    Bradley Smith, Civil Engineer
  • You provide a good service and I find the resume database to be most useful.

    Lawrence Lien, Recruiter
  • You are on the right track - continue with your splendid work.

    Kalolo Mambwe, Metallurgist
  • I appreciate your site because it is indeed "mining" jobs. There are so many sites out there that are only trying to make a buck off of you or to sell you something totally unrelated to your search. Also, you don't get quite so sidetracked by numerous sites that refer to "data mining." Your information is mostly accessible, and is not as guarded as many other sites. Thank you for that.

    Steven Job, Mine Manager
  • This is a great site - lots of helpful information. Keep up the good work.

    Jeff Hancock, Oil and Gas Construction
  • I think your site is excellent and you are doing a great job. My friends are enjoying and benefiting a lot from your site - keep it up!!!!

    Bryson, Geologist
  • I have had a lot of good responses from this site, but I am still searching for the right job. Thanks a lot for all the good job postings and interesting related articles sent to my inbox.

    Thomas Du Toit, Mechanical Construction Supervisor
  • I really appreciate receiving the job listings which you send to me. I have recommended your website to my professional colleagues who are keen to go through your site for potential job opportunities.

    A. Santharam, Regional Mining Geologist
  • I have only to thank you, because the site has beauty and it's functional. Finally, congratulations and thanks.

    João Junior, Technical Mining Engineer
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, I really appreciate your effort and service you are offering. Had I known about your website two years back, I believe I would be far in terms of career progression. I find it very useful and informative. Keep it up!

    Avhantodi, Assistant Director: Environment
  • I recently attended an interview in regards to a posting that you sent to me. Thanks for the good work.

    John Adomako, Health and Safety Manager
  • I like your service & site a lot.

    Ronald Hawkes, Petroleum Landman
  • Your website and feedback are great!

    Mark Armitage, Mechanical Engineer
  • It gives timely information on the mining jobs available worldwide - very useful for job seekers and head hunters alike.

    Pedro Remoto, Mining Engineer
  • You guys are great and always there with the messages first thing in the morning. Keep it up - you are doing were well. I will always support your web site.

    Vernon, Senior Maintenance Supervisor
  • Get Mining Jobs provides a great opportunity to view and apply for jobs in the mining industry.

    Anthony N. Garzone, Plant Manager
  • This is a great resource!

    Les, Underground Supervisor
  • I find your site to be very helpful and reliable. It has helped a lot of my friends. Well done and keep it up!

    Paul Amoah, Safety Officer
  • Your website is informative and user friendly. Please keep up the good work.

    John A Vermaak, Metallurgical Process Supervisor
  • Thank you for sending me the e-mails containing job postings/alerts.

    Mr. Santha Ram Adibhatla, Regional Mining Geologist
  • I find your site very useful and prolific in terms of scope. Please keep me registered as I am still trying to find an appropriate job within the mining or heavy chemical industries.

    David Chigodora, Chemical Engineer
  • I am very pleased with the service you are providing to me. I only hope that one day I will succeed in my job search. Thank you.

    Mthulisi Sibanda, Mine Surveyor
  • I really like the quality of service and the motivation that you are giving me. I have only one word for you - thanks!

    Kibin, Jobseeker
  • Get Mining Jobs provides to me an excellent package of information on a daily basis.

    Mihail Grigore, Mining Engineer
  • I find your site to be far superior to other sites around. Your search engines are precise and everything is well-organized. I have referred several of my associates to your site due to the service and performance that it offers. Keep up the good work.

    Fred Broschart, Plant Manager
  • Very good site. I always use it for not only for the job listings, but to get a sense of what the industry is looking for. I especially like the simple text format. So many job sites these days are full of graphic crap. When you are short of time, and on iffy connections, these things are important. Keep up the good work and thank you.

    Kevin Richardson, Geotechnical/Geologist
  • You are always on top of available new jobs on the market. Always something new is seen on your site. Well done and keep on keeping us informed.

    Paul Amoah, Safety Officer
  • Although I haven't found anything yet, your site does present a lot of options I would not have had. Thanks.

    Darrell Hudson, Safety
  • I have had an opportunity to go through the website and have found it to be a very informative and useful site for employment opportunities.

    Mr. Santha Ram Adibhatla, Regional Mining Geologist
  • I find the presentation and attitude very pleasant. For me this is a nice medium to explore the this job market and get insight as to what is available. Thank you very much for your special service!

    Peter, Geologist
  • The information given is more than helpful. Thanks for the weekly updates and the effort to create an efficient system of information.

    Luis Andre Talavera Nunez, Mining Engineer

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